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Hobart brick repairs are the one-stop-shop for all your brick repair, repointing and maintenance needs in the Hobart area. We are a small team of expert bricklayers equipped with the knowledge and experience to handle any repointing, restoration and small bricklaying jobs you may have.

Our bricklayers at Hobart Brick Repairs specialise in all forms of brick wall repairs and reinforcement for residential properties. We are highly efficient and committed to providing a cost-effective service, that is non-disruptive and adheres to the highest safety standards.

For years, we have delivered high quality  brick repair services in the Hobart area. So, If you require your business premises or residential property repointed and restored, your property is in excellent hands.

We undertake domestic and commercial brick repairs and repointing all over Hobart from West Hobart to Mount Stuart, all through to South Hobart, New Town, Sandy Bay and most of Fern Tree and Mount Nelson.

Hobart Brick Repairs set the industry standard for bricklaying repairs and brick repointing all over Hobart. We specialise in fixing damaged areas of brick walls and repointing for brickwork, stone and all aspects of masonry. We are also able to acid wash your brickwork to produce a clean finish, bringing your home back to life by removing mortar, stains and build ups on your brick walls. 

Hobart brick repair specialists is your one-stop-shop for all your brick repair and renovation needs. You can rely on our expertise to ensure we match your existing bricks and mortar and provide the best advice for keeping it maintained into the future.

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Hobart brick repairs are the one-stop-shop for all your brick repair, repointing and maintenance needs in the Hobart area. We are a small team of expert bricklayers equipped with the knowledge and experience to handle any repointing, restoration and small bricklaying jobs you may have.

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If you need brick repair in Hobart, we are your go-to-guys. Our brick repair contractors can take care of all your brick repair or replacement needs. Whenever you need a brick wall repair in Hobart, call on us. We are committed to getting the job done, especially when it comes to this service. We will be professional, deliver your job within the scheduled time and communicate with you every step of the way to ensure we do your project right the first time. 

If you’re after bricklayers Hobart can count on, feel free to contact us today. We are efficient and make sure you’re satisfied every step of the way. 

Sometimes, depending on the extent of damage, walls can be beyond repair. You don’t need to worry, we still got you covered. Our team of expert bricklayers are always handy to provide you with a free quote for the removal of your brick wall, replace the footings where necessary, and build you a total new brick fence. We consistently provide the best service at competitive prices. Where the bricks are salvageable, we can clean and reuse them for your new brick wall, further saving you extra costs. 

Call on us to assess the extent of damage to your brick walls, and repair the cracked bricks appropriately. We use the most durable materials to ensure your walls stand the test of time and are up to industry standards. We do our best to ensure you have the best brick repair service Hobart residents truly deserve. We can also offer the perfect brick and mortar colour match on all our brick restoration services and bricks repaired in a way where once the repair it’s done you will not be able to find where the problem was.

Welcome to Hobart Brick Repairs .

Why Choose Hobart Brick Repairs?

Why us? We are skilled craftsmen trained to repoint and restore the brick walls on your home, shop outlets, hospitals and heritage properties. We bring you the most innovative solutions at a competitive cost!
Our small team of fully trained bricklayers are always available to provide a wide range of lasting solutions to solve your cracked wall problem. Hobart’s team of bricklayers will access and recommend the most suitable structural repairs for your property, and provide you with a competitive quote for the repairs as well. We continue to be the Bricklayers Hobart residents turn to for their brick repairs and small brick projects.
We work safe and smart, so you can always count on us when you want it done right the first time.
We work tirelessly to provide our clients with sustainable brick repair solutions and this sets us apart from the competition. Front brick repairs and repointing aside, we can also demolish and repair insufficient footings. We are committed to delivering exceptional service from start to finish, and to get the job done properly and on time.

Hobart Brick Repairs

What Is Repointing?

Repointing is a process where old or damaged mortar is removed from the brickwork. This is then replaced with new mortar.

Natural elements such as rainfall, snow or even salt deposits can cause damage to a brick wall’s mortar joints. These cracks or sips allow water to permeate brickwork and can result in the dampness of these walls, and a total collapse in advanced cases.
Repointing is the best solution to get your walls back in shape and prevent further damage. Structural integrity aside, it also improves the overall appearance of your property and adds value to your property.

Repointing Brick Repairs

We have done the most astonishing masonry repairs Hobart has seen, and we have a team of highly trained bricklayers and also use the latest pointing equipment and technology. We use  unique power tools to make sure that we safely take the proper depth out of the old mortar and the new mortar correctly placed into the joint.

We are Brick repair specialists in Hobart, and brick repairs aside, we also offer professional cleaning services for your walls -brick, stone wall and masonry-. 

With Hobart bricklayers you can be assured the best-approved methods, this includes an acid wash, sand and grit blasting and high-pressure cleaning are used to give you the delivered outcome. All our cleaning work on stone or brickwork is done properly, with correct methods to ensure that no damage is done. To us, all projects are unique, therefore we assess the property thoroughly and decide on suitable cleaning methods for that project.

We are your local bricklayers, and you can trust us for all your brickwork pointing and building restoration in Hobart. We are brick repair specialists in Hobart and we consistently offer the best brickwork repointing and different building restoration services for both residential properties and big commercial properties within and surrounding the Hobart area.

Our bricklayers at Hobart Brick repointing are a group of handpicked experts who have the understanding and dedication to deliver your desired finish. Our target is to restore your property’s brickwork or stone wall exterior to the highest standard. We work alongside our clients to ensure that safety is at the top of every agenda and woven into the very fabric of all decisions we make.

Why Do I Need To Repoint My Brickwork?

Maintaining the structural integrity and physical appearance of a building’s brickwork is very essential, so you need our expertise to ensure the old mortar is properly removed without destroying adjacent brickwork, and the right mortar is used for repointing. When water is allowed to penetrate your brickwork, it causes significant deterioration, so your building loses its structural integrity and value.
Efflorescence and deteriorating mortar are common problems, especially in buildings exposed to the elements or those near the seashore. Crumbling mortar has to be replaced by being ground out and pointed or refilled with fresh new mortar. This process is known as brick repointing.

When Should You Repoint?

Mortar, unlike bricks, has a shorter lifespan. Ideally, your property should be repointed every 25 years. It is easier to tell your building needs some work done whenever you notice missing portions of mortar or when the mortar is so loose, sands fall off it on mild exertion. These are all subtle clues that your property needs repointing. Loose pointing lets in moisture which goes ahead to damage your brick walls, allows for the growth and proliferation of Fungus and causes dampness.

Brick Cleaning

We are the go-to brick repair contractors in Hobart, we provide professional stone & brick cleaning services to remove excess dirt, efflorescence and stains embedded itself in the brickwork of your building. We work professionally and safely to remove the dirt while restoring the brickwork to its original condition without damaging your blockwork.

No matter the size of the job, we got you covered, we can restore your brick front wall to pristine condition. We will transform your brick front fence, building or driveway through our specialized cleaning techniques. Our expert team of bricklaying repairmen will ensure maximum care is taken and no damage is done to your wall.

Our methods are effective, and safe for your wall, our bricklayers and our clients. We provide a unique solution to your brick restoration or repair needs and understand the individual requirements of each bricklaying project we undertake. Thus, you can always count on our team for the best bricklaying and professionalism. Regardless of the size of your project, be rest assured that the best brick repair experts Hobart has to offer will have your building looking as good as new.

Hobart Bricklayers offer a comprehensive brick wall cleaning service that is well suited to both domestic and commercial properties, and we are extremely efficient and dedicated. Our brick repair services come at competitive prices and are delivered right on time so, feel free to talk to us. We are just a call away!

Brick Repairs

Hobart Brick repairs provide the finest bricklaying and brick restoration services in the Hobart area. We are not your regular bricklaying contractors; we are a committed team of trained brick repairing experts of precision craftsmanship. We are skilled tradespeople, consistently delivering the finest bricklaying Hobart residents can count on. We are your go-to bricklayers for innovative brick repair services, from historical brick restoration to repair services all over Hobart.
We know choosing a contractor that you trust can be tough. We’ve made Brick Repairs Hobart a company you can count on.
We are the bricklayers’ residents’ turn to when they require exceptional services done right the first time. We undertake both domestic and commercial brick repair, providing insightful solutions you can count on.
Our expert bricklayers will restore the beauty and integrity of your property. We can salvage good portions of the damaged brick, saving you the extra cost of purchasing new ones and guarantee the results will match so that the repair is virtually undetectable.
We are known for our expert workmanship and we confidently guarantee our customer’ complete satisfaction on every job, regardless of the size.
From minor cracks on the brick veneer to major structural damage, we are experts in bricklaying and brick repair. We not only repair the damage, we restore the structure to its original beauty!
Our services are flexible, so we can offer a variety of finishes to your wall or achieve the best match to existing brickwork. However you need it, we got you covered!
Regardless of the level of damage, we can help you fix it up; we can handle the little cracks on your brick wall or even demolish damaged brick walls entirely.
Contact us today for a free consultation and get your stress-free brick repair or restoration journey started.

Commercial Bricklayers Hobart

At Hobart brick repairs, we aim to restore your exterior brick wall surfaces to their original colour and cleanliness, giving them a new lease of life. Our methods are environmentally friendly and professionally done by experts, reviving coloured render to the original state. Regardless of the size of your property, we can remove and clean all algae and staining on your exterior brickwork.
With fast, efficient and innovative methods, we have helped restore the mortar for many commercial properties, including malls and office blocks. Our team of expert bricklayers work innovatively to minimise disturbance especially where the building is in use, and we extend our service to weekends if needed.

Small brick jobs Hobart

Hobart Brick Repairs take the stress out of your brick wall fixes and restoration, we are your full-service domestic bricklayers in the Hobart area and surrounding suburbs. Our team of expert bricklayers are equipped to handle small brick jobs up to around 1000 bricks. We even take care of all your domestic fencing needs. You can always trust us for a hassle-free service. So feel free to reach out for a free quote today.

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Hobart brick repairs are the one-stop-shop for all your brick repair, repointing and maintenance needs in the Hobart area. We are a small team of expert bricklayers equipped with the knowledge and experience to handle any repointing, restoration and small bricklaying jobs you may have.

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Bricklaying Services Frankston

Brick Fences Frankston

If you’re in the market for a new brick fence, then call our team of Frankston brick fence specialists. Our brick fences are durable and add value to your property. We have excellent customer service and a vast portfolio you can choose designs from, so what are you waiting for? Call on us today!

Brick Fence Repairs Frankston

Regardless of the level of damage, we can fix it up; from little creepy cracks to total fence demolition, we got you covered. We are your go-to bricklayers in all of Frankston and we cover the suburbs as well- from Seaford to Carrum and Skye to Langwarrin. The structural integrity of your fence is our utmost concern. Contact us today to organize a free consultation and learn how our team can bring your dreams of a stunning brick fence into reality.

Domestic Bricklayers Frankston

Frankston Brick Fences are your full-service domestic bricklayers in the Frankston area as well as the suburbs - from Mount Martha to Mornington and through Carrum Downs and Langwarrin-. Our team of expert bricklayers is equipped to handle your domestic fencing needs. We can also work together with electricians to lay conduits in trenches and ensure any cabling is placed in the correct location to ensure your brick fence is built without fault. We can even go as far as helping with your fencing permits. You can always trust us for your stress-free bricklaying needs. So feel free to reach out for a free quote today.

Commercial Bricklayers Frankston

We do not just build or fix up residential brick fences but also commercial properties regardless of the size. We construct new fences to suit your commercial property, repair damaged walls and footings, pour new footings as well as render your existing brick fences. Our team can also work in tandem with other trades like concreters, renderers, and electricians to ensure your walls have the perfect finish. Brick fences Frankston confidently undertakes all volumes of commercial bricklaying projects.

Benefits of a Brick Fence


Intrusions from water and roots as well as bad footings do not just affect the integrity of walls but can be dangerous and even lead to the walls coming over. The extent of damage dictates to what degree these walls are repairable or need to be removed and rebricked. We are the best bricklayers for your Frankston front fence, and we ensure your brick front fence and footing are up to industry standards. It’s important to ensure that no roots can affect the footing and block the fence once again. As a result, we have experience working with experienced arborists who will advise on the best method to create a root barrier. We undertake general brick front fence repairs, ensuring fixed areas match untouched sections of the wall. Falling back on our years of experience fencing Frankston, we can even reuse existing brickwork to try and match seamlessly into your home.

In advance damage cases, we may just have to entirely demolish your brick front fence and its footings as well. So our team of Frankston bricklayers does not just build new brick front fences but also demolish old and damaged fences, dig out insufficient and damaged footings and repour with new footings. Our bricklayers in Frankston demolish all types of walls ­–from brick fences to solid concrete block walls and timber fences.

With our team of Frankston brick fencing specialists, you can rest assured you will get the best services and an experienced team of expert bricklayers too. We are always available and dedicated to ensuring Frankston front fences get the best treatment!

Yes! Do you need a strip footing?  We got you covered. We can dig that trench, pour you a new strip footing to support your front fence, and then brick it up.

We go as far as demolishing and digging up faulty and inadequate wall footings, digging a new trench, and pouring new footings. We ensure your fence is safe and conforms to industry standards so, you do not have to worry about its structural integrity. Our footings are reinforced with steel and our walls stand the test of time.

Our team of Frankston fencing specialists always deliver flawless bricklaying and continue to provide fencing Frankston residents turn to. Our block front fences are core-filled with a concrete and steel bar combination ensuring your walls are strong and durable.

Our customers’ satisfaction is our utmost concern and goes beyond the job requirements to ensure you have the best brick fence Frankston residents deserve. Our years of meritorious service and proven excellence have earned us a reputation as Frankston’s fencing specialists. We do not just offer exceptional service but also the best quality materials as well.

Brick Fences Frankston offers the best in quality services and at competitive prices. Contact us today for your brick fencing needs in Frankston and the surrounding suburbs.

Generally, fences below a height of 1.2m do not need building permits from the Frankston City Council. As most front brick and block fences are taller than this, you will most likely require a permit. We ensure you get the right clearance from the city council for your fences where necessary. At Frankston Brick Fences, we save you all the stress from start to finish, sourcing all the required drawings for your application to be approved. From applying for a fencing permit to a finished brick front fence, our team has got you covered.

So call on us today for your hassle-free fencing needs! You can never go wrong with our innovative designs, fair prices, and stress-free process. Call today!